Some of the tin cans recovered from the so-called Saddle Ridge Hoard. Kagin’s

$10 million buried in the dirt: the legend of the Saddle Ridge Hoard

In 2013, a couple was out walking the dog on their rural Northern California property when they spotted a tin can peeking out from the dirt. Inside it, and seven other cans, they found more than $10 million worth of pristine 19th-century gold coins.

It was the largest discovery of buried gold coins ever recorded in the United States.

Some have speculated that a bank-distrusting miner stashed the coins, which would have had a face value of about $28,000. But the truth remains uncertain. So does the identity of the lucky couple, who prudently chose to stay anonymous. But they did give an interview to a rare coin dealer. They said they planned to keep working and would help their loved ones and community. “We love our lives as they are,” the wife said. TIME | Vintage News

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