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Ads appear seamlessly within the flow of the newsletter.

The California Sun reaches a highly engaged readership of more than 20,000 daily email subscribers, with an open rate of more than 35% — well above the industry average. It includes a large number of professionals who work in government, media, and higher education.

Our audience

  • 20% below age 35
    30% between ages 35 and 55
    50% over age 55
  • 48% male
    51% female
  • 52% earn more than $100,000 a year
  • Primary location: Statewide, with concentrations in the San Francisco Bay Area and greater Los Angeles

The ad

Ads run natively in the top third of the newsletter, where they get maximum exposure. They include a single image (740 pixels wide), a headline, a short paragraph, and a call to action.

A couple of examples of past ad runs: Atoms shoes, Great Courses Plus.


  • $150 for one send
  • $700 for five sends
  • $1,300 for 10 sends

For more information or to schedule an ad, please email Mike McPhate at