Harrison Ford's first break came when George Lucas gave him a small part in "American Graffiti" in 1973. (Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Encino Man, 1970: the time Harrison Ford was Sérgio Mendes’ carpenter

In 1970, Sérgio Mendes, a Brazilian musician, employed a shaggy-haired young carpenter to build a music studio in his backyard in Encino. The worker was an aspiring actor, but had taught himself carpentry to support his young family. That’s him on the right below. 

via Sérgio Mendes

At the time, there was little to suggest that Harrison Ford, then 28, was destined to be one of the most famous leading men in Hollywood. A few years later, he landed a small part in George Lucas’ “American Graffiti.” But he returned to woodworking as his principal profession. In 1976, Ford was asked to help Lucas audition other actors for the director’s next film. It was the carpenter, however, who stole the show. Ford became Han Solo and the carpentry became a thing of the past. 

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