Icer Air: snowballs and snowboards in 80-degree San Francisco weather

In San Francisco, it wasn’t so long ago that studios rented for $1,000 a month, friends hugged one another without worry of disease, and snowboarders flew through the air on Fillmore Street.

On Sept. 29, 2005, thousands of people in shorts and t-shirts gathered to see professional skiers and snowboarders ride on trucked-in snow down one of the city’s steepest streets, launching from a ramp against the backdrop of the bay.

Gif created from video by KPIX.

Icer Air, conceived by a ski wax company and held on a weekday, created a surreal escape from reality as workers left the office for a look and kids hurled snowballs in 80-degree weather. The atmosphere was festive, even if some residents on the block grumbled. A psychologist with an office in the neighborhood spoke for the Debbie Downers. “This is a bunch of narcissistic yuppies putting on an unnecessary stunt,” she told the Chronicle.

Three hours after it started, the stunt was over. Icer Air was revived at AT&T Park for a couple more years, then discontinued. A snow day like no other was retired for good.

A KPIX broadcast from the 2005 event:  YouTube (~1:40 mins)

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