Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles's Griffith Park. George Townley

Illustrations of Los Angeles in Wes Anderson hues

The British artist George Townley creates gorgeous illustrations of Southern California’s architectural gems, work that was highlighted in the California Sun a couple years ago.

Townley, 23, became enamored of California while attending Cal State San Marcos on a study abroad program a few years back.

Using a stylus in Photoshop, he created drawings of landmarks such as the Stahl House and Los Angeles Union Station and posted them on social media. They became instant sensations.

Now Townley is back with a new batch of work that was supposed to comprise his first solo exhibition at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles on April 3. That’s sadly now in limbo as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, but the gallery said the illustrations would at least appear online.

Townley shared a few drawings with the California Sun. See more of his work at his website,

Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank.

George Townley

The Capitol Records Building.

George Townley

Pacific Theatres’ Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.

George Townley

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