The iconic Stahl House in the Hollywood Hills. (George Townley)

Los Angeles landmarks, in sumptuous tones

When George Townley came to Cal State San Marcos as a young Briton on a study abroad program it changed his whole sense of style.

His home university in the north of England was often gray and dull, said Townley, now 22. “So this like vibrant, tropical kind of west culture really stood out. It was escapism, I guess.”

A self-taught artist, he has been channeling his fascination with California into lush illustrations of some of the state’s most distinctive architecture, largely in Los Angeles.


Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles’s Griffith Park. (George Townley)


Among them are depictions of the iconic Stahl House, Los Angeles Union Station, Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and his favorite landmark: Griffith Observatory.

The works, done using a stylus in Photoshop, have been a hit on social media, where people often respond with suggestions for new illustrations. Townley, who is working now as a designer for a record label in London, said he adds them to his to-do list.

“I’m just going to keep going until I get bored,” he said, “which I doubt will happen.”

Townley shared some of his illustrations with the California Sun. Check them out below. Then see more over at his Instagram feed, and check out prints at his online store.

Los Angeles Union Station. (George Townley)


Sixth Street Bridge, over the Los Angeles River. (George Townley)


The George Sturges House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood. (George Townley)


The Parker Center, once the headquarters for the Los Angeles Police Department. (George Townley)



The Samuel Freeman House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, in the Hollywood Hills. (George Townley)


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