22 December 2022

Our “Best of” podcasts for 2022

Podcasts, like radio before them, have become the conversations that shape our world. The intimacy of voices in your car, in your earbuds, or in the dark have transformed how we listen and learn. Of the 45 California Sun podcasts released in 2022, I have selected five to be in our “Best of” list this year. Each encapsulates a part of what we have experienced and felt throughout the year.
— Jeff Schechtman


Gary Kamiya on what is happening in San Francisco

While few cities have personified the progressive vision more than San Francisco, Kamiya says there seem to be limits to its progressive agenda. Is it a harbinger for other “blue” cities?


Susan Sorrells and her own desert town of Shoshone

She has been called the “Queen of the Desert” and among a “shortlist of the most interesting people in California.” 


Sammy Potter and Jackson Parell’s excellent adventure

Two Stanford University students put their pandemic year to good use. While many of us watched too much Netflix, they took the ultimate outdoor adventure.


Gustavo Arellano’s guided tour of L.A. politics

The iconoclastic Los Angeles Times columnist and host of The Times podcast, provides a personal and provocative view of Los Angeles and Southern California politics.


The Cheech

Long before we knew him as a comedian or comic actor, Cheech Marin started collecting Chicano art. The result of that passion is now on permanent display

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