21 December 2023

Our “Best of” podcasts for 2023

Of the 42 California Sun podcasts we brought you in 2023, I selected five to be in our “Best of” list. Each encapsulates a part of what we have experienced and felt throughout the year.
— Jeff Schechtman

Susan Straight’s California Mecca

In her book, “Mecca,” the novelist Susan Straight explored the lives of residents navigating race, history, and family in Southern California’s forgotten communities.


Greg King saves the Redwoods

Greg King, author of “The Ghost Forest,” told the story of the exploitation of California’s majestic redwoods going back to 1849.

Peggy Orenstein’s pandemic yarn

Bay Area author Peggy Orenstein shared her story about learning the art of sheep shearing, wool dyeing, spinning, and even creating a sweater from start to finish.

Brian Conrad unpacks California’s ‘math misadventure’

Brian Conrad, the director of undergraduate studies in mathematics at Stanford, broke down the proposal to overhaul of California’s math curriculum.

Kate Flannery on L.A.’s fashion faux pas

Kate Flannery looked back to the glamorous haze of early 2000s Los Angeles, where she embarked on a tumultuous journey with American Apparel.

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