The next chapter of the California Sun

I’ve got good news.

When I started the Californian Sun more than two years ago, there was no guarantee it would succeed. But it’s become popular, considered a must-read among California journalists, policymakers, and everyday news junkies.

The Sun is now in a great position to thrive for years to come. But to make that happen I need your help. So starting on Sept. 8, I’m switching to a fee-based model. The good news: I’m making it dirt cheap. You can choose to pay either $3 a month or $25 a year.

The yearly rate works out to roughly $2 a month.

What you get:

— The best news roundup in the West

— Regular features on California’s history and natural beauty

— No outside ads

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Thanks for reading!

Mike McPhate
Founder & Writer
The California Sun

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