The S.S. Point Reyes, also known as the Inverness Shipwreck, is a popular tourist stop. Tri Nguyen/CC BY 2.0

The windiest and foggiest place on the West Coast

Fingers of rock jutting from California’s coast have devoured thousands of ships over the centuries.

Among the most voracious has been Point Reyes. The cape, diabolically, is the windiest and foggiest place on the West Coast, thrusting 10 miles out to sea just north of San Francisco.

Countless lost passenger liners, schooners, and other vessels rest eternally in a sort of mass watery burial ground along the coast. A beached fishing boat, known to some as the Inverness Shipwreck, is an Instagram favorite.

The introduction of lighthouses, and later radar, led to a sharp drop in shipwrecks. But the California coast remains treacherous. Pretty much every year, according to the National Park Service, another vessel is lost to Point Reyes.

National Park Service

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